Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why we need promote fair price in handicraft

Dear Friends 

We like and we purchase Handicrafts products, however we never think at what price the  artisans sells this to middle man and what price we are paying for this.
  •      In a country of a billion people, traditional macro-economic models will not suffice. We need to create economic solutions that cater to individuals, yet scale to a larger population. Everyone deserves the right to be able to earn enough to have a secure future, and provide educational opportunities for their children.
  •          Handicrafts provide a unique opportunity to create a large scale, market-based solution to help millions of artisans.
  •       In this era of mass-produced replicas, where a few people control profits, handicrafts provide a rare micro-economic opportunity for even distribution of income.
  •      If craftspeople receive a fair wage for their products, they will be saved from the hardship of migrating to urban centers in search of menial jobs. They can enjoy a better quality of life in their home towns and villages.
  •          Since the handicraft industry largely involves women working from home, a fair wage to them would give them economic independence—and ensure a better livelihood for their families.
  •          Handicraft traditions need to be nurtured and preserved, as they are living, breathing examples of a country’s tradition and history.
  •      Any sort of handicraft, by its very nature, should bring focus to the people who create it; not the people who sell it.   
  •         Handcrafted products are aesthetically superior to their machine made counterparts.
  •          Well designed quality handcrafted products can compete with the best the world has to offer.

Our children should see and appreciate the beauty of traditional handmade materials – the things that we have grown up with.


  1. Well written ,it gives an insight in to the concept of handicraft marketing----Will our children ever be seen in these traditional attires still remains to be seen ---!!!!!!

  2. Handicrafts industry is huge in India . From each state one finds 100 of products into this sector , Unless we keep this traditional skill alive our rural sector cannot progress in the Non-farm sector. With agriculture already on downfall in terms of profit - the non farm sector can only provide that additional income for the survival.