Saturday, 24 May 2014

Variety of Handcrafts in India and with Tisser

The craftsmen use different media to express their originality. The diversity of the handicrafts is expressed on textiles, metals – precious and semi-precious, wood, precious and semi-precious stones, ceramic and glass.

The overall categorization is as below :

Textile based handicrafts: Hand printed textiles including block and screen printing, Batik, Kalamkari (hand printing by pen) and Bandhani (tie and die) are used in products ranging from bed-covers to sheets, dress material to upholstery and tapestry. The famous embroidered articles of silk and cotton often embellished with mirrors, shells, beads, and metallic pieces are also found in India.  Embroidery is also done on leather, felt and velvet etc. This segment of the industry accounts for almost half a million strong employment in addition to a large number of designers, block makers, weavers and packers involved in the trade.

Clay, Metal and Jewelry: Tribal, terracotta, wood, brass, copper, bronze, bell metals etc. are used for a variety of wares and in a variety of finishes. Scintillating ornaments are available in a wide range of patterns, styles and compositions. They are made from precious metals, base metals, precious and semi-precious stones; these ornaments have traditional, as well as modern styles.

Woodwork: Wooden articles from the ornately carved to the absolutely simple. One can find toys, furniture, decorative articles, etc. bearing the art and individuality of the craftsman. India is known particularly for its lacquered wood articles.

Stone Craft: The intricately carved stoneware made of marble, alabaster or soapstone, etc., inlaid with semiprecious stones carry on the heritage of Indian stone crafts.

Glass and Ceramic:  Glass and ceramic products are a fast upcoming segment in the handicrafts from India. The age-old production process of mouth-blowing glass instills a nostalgic feeling. The varied shapes of ceramic and glass in a number of colours, would appeal to Western aesthetics while retaining the Indian touch.

As of now Tisser has inroad in : 

Women’s Clothing : Sari, Dupatta & Stole (Maheshwar, Chanderi, Tassar, Kalamkari and Ikat ), Crochet skirts and tops .

Artifacts : Goat Leather Craft : Lamps, Wall clocks, Wall hangings, Plasti - Clay flowers & Pots, Dokra & Metal Utility Items.

Accessories : Jwellery ,  handbags , pouches ,  Linen : Crochet and Lace.

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