Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Starting Tisser

Dear Friends 

From my basic profession as an urban and regional planner , where recently am working on the national livelihood project , I have decide to walk the talk . I realized its easy to talk on rural products made by artisans and weavers regarding marketing , product development , forward linkages , etc etc. However it is necessary at some point of life to do what we preach . I have started a social initiative named " Tisser " . This is french word for weave. The idea is to weave a network for array of rural products , mainly done by artisans and weavers from India / abroad and bring them to the consumer market. The next step is to use the proceeds from this to support girl child education of the respective rural artisans and weavers. This ensure that the movement support the artisans and weavers in a respectable way . Presently three products have been introduced by Tisser , Namely Scarf , Indian Dupatta and Indian Saree from the weavers from Maheshwar , Chanderi and Tussar from SHG groups from Bhandara (Maharashtra). Within a month the response for bulk enquirers have been tremendous and beyond expectation.  The products being developed are Tercotta Jewelry , Bamboo Lamps from Chandrapur SHGs etc. 

The criteria is simple , First should directly come from weaver or artisans . Second it should belong to SHG group or any rural poor family who is struggling to keep the art alive and is being used by middleman. As per the principle the respective proceeds of the products will go back to support the daughters education. 

The idea is to adopt at least 50 girls from the three places whose products are with Tisser in 2014 and many more in the coming year . Please inform me on new products from India and Abroad. 
Please give ideas on how to take this forward.

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